Living on the brink

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Never before has been mankind put to test of this kind . Advances in science and technology yet there are new problems creeping up which are endangering life .

Out of the blue , the novel corona virus SARS 2, emerged and spread like wild fire . Unlike the flu virus , the infectivity and mortality with the virus was significant . Above all there was no formal antiviral available or studied to antagonise the virus . Preventive measures are the key to check the spread of the virus . The people have changed their routine and slowly modified their lifestyles to suit to the new norms .

Vaccine seems to be the hope but with the development of the vaccine takes time sometimes years and with the virus mutating the vaccine really would work for how long and effectively is a question .

The pandemic has left us all on a brink , to think and readjust our lifestyles and revisit the meaning of life .

Slowly the world with a guarded stride is beginning to creep back to normal and live with new terms . Times will change but will not come back to what they were before.

The virus if detected early and treated early has good outcome . Majority of those infected do not require hospitalisation . Some with severe disease and comorbidity require hospitalisation and oxygenation . About less then five percent require intensive care and less then two to three percent are very severe cases with morbid outcomes .

Looking at the overall perspective the pandemic has made us relook ourselves and have made us change our lifestyles.

Chairman & Medical Director- Kenia Eye Hospital, Eye surgeon with special interest in Cataract, Corneal transplants, Laser Vision correction.